At the zoo today….Sunshine and smiles.

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Today we climbed at the Reach.  Adeline, Poppy, Andrew and I all had a good climb and enjoyed hanging out with friends.  Adeline, Oscar and Gethin ran riot and had a ball.  Oscar caused general mayhem, but wouldn’t put on a harness, maybe next time.  On the way home we had a ride on the Emirates Airline and Nth Greenwich, then celebrated with an early dinner at Pizza Express. 

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Football on Friday….photos curtesy of Poppy….

Poppy is in town and Adeline is on holidays.  What have they been up to this week, the transport museum, the Princess Diana memorial playground, the science museum, the natural history museum and pedal boating in Regents Park….Pics curtesy of Poppy…

Fun in the sun today at the Diana Princess of Wales Fountain in Hyde Park. The kids love splashing in this fountain, and it was packed with lots of like minded families this afternoon.  It was supposed to be a weekend of rain and thunderstorms, but it didn’t eventuate fortunately.  We also spent time with JJ who is in town for a few more days!

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Today was Adeline’s first performance with her drama class.  She did a fabulous job with her lines as Squadie Squid, speaking loudly and confidently.  I will confess, I enjoyed the challenge of making her costume, but it was quite late last night when I finished it off.

Sunday was well spent.  It was great having Nick and JJ stay this weekend, after a lazy breakfast we explored the Wallace Collection, particularly the armour exhibit.  Later in the park, it was lovely to bump into Jean, Oscar’s little friend from nursery.

A sunny saturday in London.  We have house guests - Nick and JJ and some of us were a little tired after a fun night last night at Hot Dub Time Machine, being put through our dancing paces from 1954 to 2014 by Tom Loud at the London Wonderground festival.  Some ventured back for round 2 tonight!  Adeline’s ballet class had the parent’s viewing week today and Adeline was splendid.  Oscar was worried part way through the class when ‘My Adeline didn’t get a sticker’, fortunately she received one after the next exercise….marching.  This afternoon I had an amazing yoga workshop with Julie Martin.  Her flowing style and focus on movement was uplifting, bring on day 2 or the workshop tomorrow. A bit of time in the park, some painting, some grocery shopping and juicy watermelon capped off the day.

Hot dub….every Friday should be this fun….

Hot dub….every Friday should be this fun….

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Sharing is caring

"I speak English, French and Banana."

— Adeline -8th July 2014

Roasted plums, apricots and peaches, with yogurt and hazelnuts.

Sunday stuff.  Making pike lets and chalking up the church yard.  Adeline turned that house into an ice cream shop. Perfect!  It was a pretty good day, yoga class in the morning for me, the kids and Andrew had a fun outing to Camden and I took them to a Zumbini class in the afternoon.  

In the evening Jade and I saw Ben Folds at the Barbican with the Heritage Orchestra. It was spellbinding.  He played his new piano concerto as well as other favourite tracks of mine, Effington, Smoke, Jesusland, Gracie, Brick, One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces, Zak and Sara, Not the Same, the Luckiest and Army.   I had been keeping an eye on tickets, it was sold out, and picked some up just last week.

On Saturday, expecting Belinda for dinner, Adeline set up in her room a tea party with all the dolls and teddies in the house, and every piece of play food.  She then closed the door and told us nobody was allowed in all day, so it couldn’t be spoiled.  Then she wrote and invitation for Belinda, Pink Dolly, Ciara and Rose and stuck it on our front door.  The kids had fun playing with Belinda, they adore her.  Then with the kids all tucked up we enjoyed a lovely meal finished with a scrumptious pavlova, thanks Bin!

Birthday weekend stuff.  We made Daddy a cake, played with the twins, went climbing with Zavan, and had burgers with a raft of good friends.