Well it has been a busy weekend.  I started my weekend with a cancelled friday afternoon dentist appointment, our dentist was sick…result.  Then, thankfully after a busy week at work, I was very pleased Andrew was home from work early enough for a yoga class on Friday night at Indaba -  Space n’ Flow is just the thing I crave at the end of the week.

Saturday, hectic as usual, a quick jog around Regents Park, then Adeline’s ballet class, followed by a play date at Clara’s house.  The girls played very well together, painting, sticking, dressing up, role playing, the whole bit!  In the afternoon I had my first hair cut in about 9 months (I think…can’t really remember) and in the evening Jade came to dinner.  We enjoyed some more Ottolenghi inspired dishes, no pics though.  Turkey and courgette meat balls with lemon and yogurt sauce, baba ghanoush, green bean and red pepper salad, and flat bread.  It was great to hear Jade’s news from her recent travels to NZ and Australia.

After a busy party on Sunday morning, we spent the afternoon at home.  First planting the seeds the kids received in the party bags from Rousseau’s party, Adeline strawberry seeds, and Oscar cress seeds.  Then Adeline and Andrew paddled off to set up the desk top pc which has been in the cupboard for the last 8 months, they played a few games online.  Adeline loved a postman pat game.  

Meanwhile, Oscar helped me make some fudge balls - the ‘healthy kind’.  He is very wary of loud sounds, in the vein of hand dryers, hair dryers and kitchen ‘robots’.  So when I warned him it was time to start up the food processor, he quickly removed himself and headed to find out with Adeline and Andrew were up to. Whilst enjoying his fudge balls after dinner he announced next time he would press the buttons on the ‘robot’ Recipe for fudge balls here at Averie Cooks.

Later in the afternoon Scott Williams dropped in, over in London from Switzerland for a meeting tomorrow.  It was fun to have a chat and the kids were excited to see him, Adeline thought Scott worthy of a special sticker from her party bag, a great honour.  

Adeline had a moment late in the afternoon declaring whilst hugging her brother, “I love you Oscar, you are my best sweet bear!”  In a weekend of ups and downs on the behavioural front, this is one of the golden moments worth focusing on.  

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